An Innovative YouTuber Creates the World’s Longest Guitar

An Innovative YouTuber Creates the World’s Longest Guitar

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In his latest YouTube video, a musician named Bernth claims to have designed and built the world’s longest guitar. Bernth has gained popularity on YouTube for his inventive and entertaining musical creations. In previous videos, he has crafted a 24-string guitar, a guitar with dental floss strings, and even a neckless guitar. This time, he decided to push the limits of traditional guitar fretboards.

The “World’s Longest Guitar” is not actually one continuous fretboard, but three separate sections. The first section is a regular acoustic guitar with a capo. The middle section features a fretless rubber band neck with a capo, and the final section before the headstock is a low-tuned rubber band guitar. Bernth showcases the different parts of the guitar performing his original song “Infinite” in the video.

Bernth emphasizes the uniqueness and versatility of his creation. He asks his viewers, “Can you hear all three guitar necks in the mix? They all add something unique to this new song.” The musician is proud of the sound and quality of the “World’s Longest Guitar,” which he describes as “heavenly.”

Bernth’s innovative approach to guitar design has captivated audiences on YouTube. His creativity and curiosity have led him to create unique instruments that challenge the conventions of traditional luthiers. By pushing the boundaries of guitar design, Bernth continues to inspire other musicians and expand the possibilities of musical expression.


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