The Wrestlers Docuseries Explores the Raw and Real World of Professional Wrestling

The Wrestlers Docuseries Explores the Raw and Real World of Professional Wrestling

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Jesse Godderz, a professional wrestler and reality TV star, recently opened up about his experience being featured in the Netflix docuseries, Wrestlers. He discussed the unique aspects of the show and shed light on the wrestling industry.

Godderz compared his own persona to that of WWE star Austin Theory, noting that they both exude confidence and swagger. However, he also highlighted the willingness of veteran wrestlers like John Cena to put over younger talent. This selflessness and willingness to pass the torch is an essential part of the wrestling industry.

Wrestlers offers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of professional wrestlers, highlighting their struggles, both in and out of the ring. Godderz emphasized that the show captures the rawness and intimacy of wrestlers’ personal lives, showcasing their financial struggles, relationship issues, and physical injuries.

The docuseries stands out from other wrestling documentaries, with its ability to capture the true essence of the sport. Godderz credited director Greg Whiteley and his production team for their skill in creating a captivating and beautifully done project.

Godderz also addressed a common misconception about professional wrestling, emphasizing that while the outcomes may be predetermined, the physicality and athleticism are very real. Wrestlers must ensure the safety of their opponents while still delivering an entertaining performance.

Overall, Wrestlers offers a unique and authentic perspective on the world of professional wrestling, shedding light on the passion, dedication, and camaraderie among its athletes.

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