Unknown Woman Declares “I’m Instagram Famous” and Gets Kicked off American Airlines Flight

Unknown Woman Declares “I’m Instagram Famous” and Gets Kicked off American Airlines Flight

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A video has surfaced showing a woman, who claims to be “Instagram famous,” being removed from an American Airlines flight after arguing with fellow passengers. In the 20-second clip, the unidentified woman can be seen in a bodysuit engaging in a heated argument with the airline staff as she grabs her luggage.

As tensions rise, the woman shouts, “Call me a bitch again,” insisting that she did nothing wrong. Another passenger off-camera tells her to “shut up,” which prompts her to respond with colorful language, telling them to “shut the fuck up.”

As she is escorted off the plane, she notices someone filming her outburst and fires back, “You shut the fuck up, and your bitch. Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you fucking bum.”

The date of the incident and whether it caused any delays remain unclear. However, the presence of American Airlines’ logo throughout the video suggests that this incident occurred on one of their flights.

Air travel incidents continue to make waves online. Recently, Air Canada issued apologies to passengers after seats on a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal were reportedly covered in vomit. Delta Airlines faced backlash after offering a woman only $1,800 when her dog went missing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Another Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona had to turn back due to a passenger experiencing severe gastrointestinal distress in the aisles.

One of the most memorable airplane freakouts occurred in July when a woman disrupted a flight yelling about a person she claimed was “not real.” The woman, Tiffany Gomas, later addressed the incident, stating that she is now back to traveling and suggesting that she may give a long-form interview regarding the matter.

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