Will The Ellen Degeneres Show Come Back?

Will The Ellen Degeneres Show Come Back?

After a tumultuous year filled with controversy and allegations, fans of The Ellen Degeneres Show are eagerly awaiting news of its return. The popular daytime talk show, hosted comedian and actress Ellen Degeneres, has been on hiatus since May 2021. However, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the show will make a comeback.

Rumors have been circulating about the future of the show, with some speculating that it may be canceled altogether. However, representatives for the show have remained tight-lipped about its fate, leaving fans in suspense. While no official announcement has been made, there are several factors that may influence the show’s return.

One of the main reasons for the show’s hiatus was the controversy surrounding allegations of a toxic work environment. Former employees came forward with claims of harassment, discrimination, and misconduct behind the scenes. This led to an internal investigation and subsequent changes within the show’s production team. The hiatus was intended to allow time for these changes to take effect and for the show to regroup.

Another factor that may impact the show’s return is its viewership ratings. Prior to the controversy, The Ellen Degeneres Show was a ratings powerhouse, consistently ranking as one of the most-watched daytime talk shows. However, the negative publicity surrounding the allegations may have affected its viewership. The show’s producers will likely take this into consideration when deciding whether to bring it back.


Q: When did The Ellen Degeneres Show go on hiatus?
A: The show went on hiatus in May 2021.

Q: Why did the show go on hiatus?
A: The hiatus was a result of allegations of a toxic work environment and subsequent internal investigation.

Q: Will The Ellen Degeneres Show be canceled?
A: There has been no official announcement regarding the show’s cancellation or return.

Q: What factors may influence the show’s return?
A: The outcome of the internal investigation, changes within the production team, and viewership ratings are all factors that may impact the show’s return.

While fans of The Ellen Degeneres Show eagerly await news of its comeback, it remains uncertain whether the show will return to the airwaves. The allegations and subsequent changes have undoubtedly had an impact on the show’s future. Only time will tell if Ellen Degeneres will grace our screens once again with her signature humor and charm.