Woman files complaint against husband for triple talaq over WhatsApp

Woman files complaint against husband for triple talaq over WhatsApp

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A woman from Dakshina Kannada in India has lodged a complaint against her husband for giving her a triple talaq, an Islamic practice of instant divorce, over WhatsApp. The man, Abdul Rasheed from Kerala, is currently employed overseas. The couple, who got married seven years ago, has two daughters together.

According to the woman, her husband took her abroad but left her behind during her second delivery. Although the couple had some issues previously, it was resolved through the intervention of their elders. However, Abdul Rasheed has now sought divorce declaring triple talaq over WhatsApp.

The concept of triple talaq allows Muslim men to instantly divorce their wives saying “talaq” three times, without having to provide any explanation or go through any legal process. This practice has been a subject of controversy and debate in India, with many arguing that it infringes upon the rights of Muslim women.

Various petitions have been filed in Indian courts challenging the constitutional validity of triple talaq. In 2017, the Indian government passed a law criminalizing the practice, making it punishable up to three years in jail and imposing a fine. However, the Supreme Court of India has yet to make a final decision on the issue.

This incident highlights the ongoing struggle faced women who have been subjected to triple talaq, including in the form of divorces delivered through modern means of communication such as WhatsApp. It raises questions about the need for stronger legal protection for women and the enforcement of rights guaranteed the constitution, regardless of religious practices.

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