Meta Reality Labs Senior Director Discusses Future of Virtual Reality

Meta Reality Labs Senior Director Discusses Future of Virtual Reality

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Dave Kaufman, the senior director of global marketing at Meta Reality Labs, is no stranger to the world of emerging technologies. Having been part of the Google marketing team that launched the first mainstream smart eyewear, Google Glass, Kaufman now oversees the marketing of Quest headsets, VR, and other cutting-edge products.

Kaufman expresses optimism about the future of virtual reality, particularly with the upcoming release of Meta Quest 3. He describes it as a significant step forward for the category and a major investment for Meta in the realm of mixed reality. The company, formerly known as Facebook, has invested billions of dollars into Meta Reality Labs, demonstrating its commitment to advancing the field.

While the concept of the metaverse has experienced a decrease in hype recently, Kaufman sees this as a positive development. It allows Meta to focus on their work without distractions and continue to refine their products and experiences. The market for VR and mixed reality gear has grown significantly, with 20 million Quest headsets sold to date.

Kaufman also highlights the success of Meta’s VR world, “Horizon Worlds,” which is playable on Quest. The game has seen tremendous popularity, with over a million downloads of the popular game Roblox on the platform. Additionally, Meta has expanded access to “Horizon Worlds” creating a mobile and web version, allowing more users to engage with the virtual experience.

Looking ahead, Kaufman acknowledges the importance of the upcoming marketing season for Meta. The release of Quest 3 and Meta’s first in-house-developed “triple A” video game, “Asgard’s Wrath 2,” will shape the future of the company. These products will be promoted at an event in late September and are expected to be available for purchase during the holiday season.

As Meta Reality Labs continues to innovate and push the boundaries of virtual reality, Kaufman’s passion for the technology and his role in shaping its future is evident. With Meta’s investments and a growing market for VR, the possibilities for immersive and transformative experiences are becoming more accessible to consumers worldwide.

– The Verge