Steelers Give Browns a Taste of Their Own Medicine on Twitter

Steelers Give Browns a Taste of Their Own Medicine on Twitter

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The Cleveland Browns may be known for having a less-than-stellar record in the NFL, but they sure know how to sass it up on social media. However, their rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had no problem clapping back after their recent win.

The Cleveland Browns’ social media team has a habit of trolling other teams, and they didn’t hold back on the Pittsburgh Steelers either. But after their 26-22 victory over the Browns, the Steelers’ own social media team decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Steelers tweeted a reference to the old Nick Jr. television show, Blue’s Clues, to mock the Browns. This clever jab was a meme that many people of a certain age would understand, even if they weren’t familiar with the show.

However, it’s important to note that the Steelers weren’t the ones who started this social media war. The Browns had previously made salty remarks on Twitter, particularly after their win against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cleveland Browns were hoping to secure a win in their new all-white throwback uniforms, but unfortunately for them, it didn’t pan out that way. The Steelers took the opportunity to remind them of their loss with a helpful tweet.

Although the Steelers don’t often engage in post-game jabs on Twitter, they didn’t hesitate to respond to the Browns’ social media posts. In the realm of both physical and digital competitions, the winner deserves to brag, and the Steelers did just that.

Now, Cleveland may want to remember that the postman always rings twice. The Steelers’ victory will be a constant reminder of their win until the rivals go head-to-head again.

In conclusion, the Steelers’ Twitter account gave the Browns a taste of their own medicine in a witty and nostalgic way. While the Browns may be known for their sass on social media, this time it was the Steelers who had the last laugh.


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