Which Ed Sheeran Song Is About Ellie Goulding?

Which Ed Sheeran Song Is About Ellie Goulding?

In the world of music, relationships and love often serve as inspiration for artists to create heartfelt and emotional songs. One such relationship that has captured the attention of fans and sparked curiosity is the rumored romance between British singer-songwriters Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding. Fans have long speculated about whether any of Sheeran’s songs were written about his relationship with Goulding. Let’s delve into this intriguing topic and explore the possibilities.

One song that immediately comes to mind is Sheeran’s hit single “Don’t,” released in 2014. The lyrics of this track depict a story of betrayal and heartbreak, leading many to believe that it was inspired Sheeran’s alleged fling with Goulding. The song’s lyrics suggest that Sheeran felt betrayed a former lover who cheated on him with one of his close friends. While Sheeran has never explicitly confirmed that the song is about Goulding, the timing of their rumored relationship and the lyrics certainly fuel the speculation.

Another song that has been linked to the Sheeran-Goulding romance is “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” a track from Sheeran’s debut album “+.” The song’s lyrics express vulnerability and fear of being hurt in a relationship, which could be interpreted as Sheeran’s feelings towards Goulding. However, like “Don’t,” Sheeran has not confirmed whether this song is indeed about their relationship.


Q: What is a fling?
A: A fling refers to a short-term romantic or sexual relationship.

Q: What does vulnerability mean?
A: Vulnerability refers to the state of being open to emotional or physical harm, often associated with feelings of weakness or insecurity.

While fans may continue to speculate about which Ed Sheeran song is about Ellie Goulding, it is important to remember that artists often draw inspiration from various experiences and relationships in their lives. Ultimately, the true meaning behind these songs may only be known Sheeran himself. Regardless, the music created these talented artists continues to resonate with fans around the world, regardless of the inspiration behind it.