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The Rising Power of User-Generated Content in Social Media Branding

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, brands and marketing professionals face a complex challenge in engaging consumers. According to Brandwatch’s The State of Social report for 2024, brands currently initiate only 1.51% of all brand-related conversations, leaving untapped potential for greater brand influence.

However, trends in the industry point towards new opportunities. The increasing adoption of AI and platforms like YouTube and TikTok, along with innovations in AI-powered chatbots, suggest a growing inclination towards leveraging social media for more effective audience engagement.

Another key trend is the re-evaluation of attention and participation on social media individuals, as highlighted in a study We Are Social. This poses an additional challenge for marketers to connect with their audiences.

So what can social media agencies anticipate in the coming year? Let’s explore different perspectives from industry leaders:

1. User-Generated Content (UGC): Vin Ng, director of Spread-it, believes that people are relying less on influencers and are gravitating towards UGC for its authenticity and trustworthiness. Ordinary individuals are creating and sharing more content, fostering trust in their experiences and opinions.

2. Integration of Services: Kenny Yap, managing director of Socialyse, emphasizes the demand for integrated services that encompass social media, content, public relations, influencer marketing, performance marketing, and more. Clients seek a single consultancy that can provide comprehensive guidance in navigating the evolving communication landscape.

3. Travel and Experiences: Tim Hung, founder and CEO of Blossom Lane Communications, points out the growing interest in “travelling to Hong Kong” on the social media platform Red. He sees this as an opportunity for brands to tailor products and experiences to cater to tourists’ preferences and engage them effectively.

4. Content and Content Creators: Jude Foo, general manager and partner at Nine:TwentyEight, predicts that social media growth will largely rely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Marketers will channel their strategies through these platforms, placing content and content creators at the forefront.

These insights indicate a shift towards user-generated content, integrated services, personalized experiences, and strategic content creation. Social media agencies should be prepared to adapt and innovate in this rapidly changing landscape to effectively engage their target audiences.


Q: Why is user-generated content gaining popularity?
A: User-generated content is becoming more popular because it is seen as more authentic and trustworthy, capturing genuine experiences and unbiased opinions.

Q: What are integrated services in the context of social media?
A: Integrated services refer to a comprehensive approach that combines various aspects of marketing, such as social media, content creation, public relations, influencer marketing, performance marketing, and media solutions.

Q: How can brands leverage user-generated content?
A: Brands can leverage user-generated content to engage audiences, build brand authenticity, and foster a sense of community.

Q: What are the key trends in social media marketing for 2024?
A: Key trends in 2024 include the rise of user-generated content, the integration of services, the focus on personalized experiences, and the growing importance of content creators in driving growth.