Cyberattack at Clorox Causes Disruption in Production and Shortages

Cyberattack at Clorox Causes Disruption in Production and Shortages


Clorox, a leading manufacturer of cleaning materials, is facing widespread disruption in its operations due to a recent cyberattack. The attack has hampered the company’s ability to produce its products, resulting in shortages and price increases for certain items.

The cyberattack, which was detected in August, prompted Clorox to take immediate action to contain the attack and reduce its operations. However, the company has not yet been able to fully restore its manufacturing operations. As a result, some of Clorox’s products are experiencing a shortage, leading to limited availability and high prices.

The company has not specified which of its products are affected the disruption, but a recent scan of store shelves at retailers like Target and Walmart showed a scarcity of liquid bleach products Clorox. Other brands have seen prices soar to over $5.50 per gallon.

Clorox stated that it is currently fulfilling and processing orders manually while working towards resuming normal operations. However, it expects this process to take some time and does not have an estimate for when operations will be fully normalized.

The cyberattack and resulting delays will have a significant impact on Clorox’s current-quarter financial results. However, the company believes it is too early to determine the longer-term effects and is focused on recovering from the attack.

This incident at Clorox follows a similar cyberattack at MGM Resorts, which also led to operation disruptions and customer inconveniences. These recent cyberattacks highlight the vulnerabilities of companies in the digital age and the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

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