WhatsApp Introduces Group Calls with Up to 31 Participants

WhatsApp Introduces Group Calls with Up to 31 Participants

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform owned Meta, continues to enhance the user experience with new features. According to reports, WhatsApp has rolled out a feature that allows users to initiate group calls with up to 31 participants. This new feature is now available for Android beta testers, with the update version

Before this update, WhatsApp only allowed group calls with up to 15 participants, which was already a significant improvement from the previous limit of 7 people. With this latest update, the company has expanded the limit to 31 participants, making it even more convenient for users to connect with larger groups.

In addition to the increased participant limit, WhatsApp has also made some minor tweaks to the calls tab. The call links are no longer mentioned on this screen, which now simply states that it’s possible to call one or more contacts. The floating action button has also been updated with a plus icon.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has introduced its Channels feature globally, including its launch in India. Inspired Instagram, WhatsApp Channels allow users to receive important updates from individuals and organizations within the WhatsApp ecosystem. This feature enables thousands of organizations, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders to share updates with their followers privately.

WhatsApp continues to innovate and improve its platform to provide a seamless and enhanced user experience. With the introduction of group calls with up to 31 participants and the expansion of WhatsApp Channels, users can stay connected with their contacts and receive updates from their favorite organizations and personalities.

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