WhatsApp to Introduce Animated Avatars for Video Calls

WhatsApp to Introduce Animated Avatars for Video Calls

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WhatsApp is reportedly planning to add animated avatars for video calls, similar to Apple’s Memoji. This feature has been rumored to be in the works since last year.

An independent real-time updates portal for WhatsApp, called WABetaInfo, has claimed that the messenger app has included the ability to make video calls using animated avatars in the latest beta version for Android

WhatsApp is informing its users about this new feature through a pop-up banner that provides the option to “use your avatar during calls.” Users can choose to either “Switch to avatar” or select “Not now.”

To use the new video call avatar, users need to select the “Switch to avatar” option, which will replicate their facial movements and expressions in real-time through the use of an avatar character.

Users have the option to turn off this feature at any time from the settings. Additionally, the new avatar feature will not disable end-to-end encryption, ensuring that safety and privacy are not compromised.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp will use some data to further enhance the Avatar experience on the app.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is also working on introducing avatars for status updates. However, there is currently no information available regarding its release.

– Animated avatars: Digital representations of a person or character that can move and mimic facial expressions.
– Memoji: Apple’s version of animated avatars.
– Beta version: A version of software that is undergoing testing before its official release.
– End-to-end encryption: A form of secure communication that allows only the sender and recipient to access the decrypted data.

– WABetaInfo: Real-time updates portal for WhatsApp.