A WhatsApp Maths Hotline Enhances Maths Education for South African Pupils

A WhatsApp Maths Hotline Enhances Maths Education for South African Pupils

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A WhatsApp Maths Hotline, created OLICO Maths Education, a well-known education non-profit, is revolutionizing maths education in KwaZulu-Natal. Students in grades seven to ten can now access trained maths tutors, thousands of worksheets, tutorial videos, and automated lesson pathways on key maths concepts simply sending a WhatsApp message to 0600 39 00 00.

Originally established as a means of staying connected to schoolchildren during the nationwide lockdown in 2020, the WhatsApp Maths Hotline has proven to be a highly effective tool for improving maths results. Supported the Datatec Education and Technology Foundation, over 15,700 South African children have utilized this service alone in the current year.

Although the hotline is available nationwide, OLICO has worked closely with district officials and rural schools in the Amajuba District of KwaZulu-Natal to optimize its use. In partnership with schools in the region, OLICO organized an algebra challenge on WhatsApp for Grade 9 pupils during the second term. This challenge allowed students to reinforce their understanding of algebraic concepts covered in class and seek help from human tutors when needed.

Syanda Phakathi, a Grade 9 pupil at Bethamoya Senior Secondary School in Newcastle, expressed his gratitude for the Maths Hotline, stating that it has significantly improved his results. What sets this hotline apart is its commitment to providing ongoing support to students as they progress through their maths education.

The WhatsApp Maths Hotline is a unique and valuable tool, particularly for low-income communities in South Africa. With its comprehensive resources and accessible format, it offers an innovative solution to the struggles many students face in mastering mathematics.

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