WhatsApp Introduces ‘Fresh’ Button and Rolls Out WhatsApp Channels Feature

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Fresh’ Button and Rolls Out WhatsApp Channels Feature

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is introducing a new feature called the ‘Fresh’ button, but it is currently only accessible to a limited group of users. This feature can be accessed installing the previous beta version of the app. The introduction of the ‘Fresh’ button is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts, as part of the Meta conglomerate, to improve the user experience. However, not all users, even those with the beta version, will have immediate access to this new feature.

In addition to the ‘Fresh’ button, WhatsApp recently launched Channels, a one-way communication tool for sharing updates with followers. This feature is available to users in more than 150 countries, including India, and allows users to receive recommendations for Channels based on their region and popularity. Channels on WhatsApp are different from regular chats, with the added feature that followers cannot see each other. Users can react to messages within a channel using emojis.

The global rollout of WhatsApp Channels will occur over the next few weeks and months. Any WhatsApp user will be able to create their own channel within the app. This broader introduction comes after WhatsApp Channels was initially launched in Colombia and Singapore in June. Instagram also made its Broadcast Channels feature available to a global audience around the same time.

In a report, WhatsApp shared that it had banned a total of 7.22 million Indian accounts between June 1 and June 30. More than 3.1 million of these accounts were proactively banned without receiving any user reports. WhatsApp emphasized its commitment to preventing harmful behavior on the platform, stating that it uses various tools and resources to detect and mitigate such activity. The platform believes that stopping harmful behavior before it happens is more effective than reacting to it after the fact.

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