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New Trends in Construction: Simplification and Online Inspiration

Sutton Construction, a long-standing company with a 60-year history in new builds, remodeling, and light commercial work, has witnessed significant changes in the construction industry. John Sutton, the current owner and son of the founders, Tom and Sharon Sutton, has noticed that the current trends in construction and remodeling are being heavily influenced what people find on the internet.

The cyclical nature of the construction industry means that when remodeling projects decline, new builds start to rise, with occasional commercial work filling the gaps. Despite the fluctuations, Sutton Construction manages to stay busy tapping into these three markets. However, what has become clear is that consumer preferences are being shaped online resources and platforms such as Pinterest and Amazon.

New builds are currently experiencing an upward trend, although the reasons behind this surge are not entirely clear. Contrary to local expectations, Sutton hasn’t received any requests for construction projects related to the new Intel chip plant in Licking County. Instead, the demand for new builds comes from a diverse range of clients, including both older individuals looking to downsize and younger couples seeking to build their dream homes.

One key shift in preference is the popularity of single-story structures and open floor plans. John Sutton believes this trend is driven the desire for simplicity and easy maintenance, allowing for greater flexibility in interior design. Alongside these architectural choices, there has been a marked shift in building elements. Metal roofs are now favored over traditional shingles due to cost-effectiveness, while granite and quartz countertops have become highly sought-after materials.

The internet has played a significant role in shaping consumer expectations. People now come to Sutton with visual references from websites like Pinterest, enabling more precise communication and visualization of their dream homes. Additionally, consumers are increasingly purchasing construction items, such as sinks, from online retailers like Amazon and then hiring Sutton Construction to handle the installation.

The evolving demands of consumers have prompted the construction industry to adapt and evolve. Sutton Construction, currently celebrating its 60th anniversary, has managed to navigate these changes successfully. Moving forward, it’s important for construction companies to leverage online resources and stay attuned to evolving consumer preferences in order to thrive in this dynamic industry.


Q: What kind of trends are emerging in new builds?
A: Single-story structures and open floor plans are currently popular choices in new builds.

Q: Why are these trends gaining popularity?
A: Simplicity, easy maintenance, and flexibility in interior design are some factors driving the preference for these trends.

Q: Are metal roofs replacing traditional shingles?
A: Yes, metal roofs are becoming more popular due to their cost-effectiveness.

Q: What kind of countertops are in high demand?
A: Granite and quartz countertops are currently the preferred choices among consumers.

Q: How has the internet influenced the construction industry?
A: Websites like Pinterest have provided consumers with visual references and a clearer idea of their preferences, while online retailers like Amazon have made it easier for consumers to purchase construction items.