“Project Wake Up”: Turning Grief into Change

“Project Wake Up”: Turning Grief into Change


In 2014, two college students from St. Louis, Missouri, were inspired to make a difference after the unexpected suicide of a friend. This sparked the creation of “Project Wake Up,” a documentary aimed at raising awareness about suicide prevention. The project, which was completed in 2019, is now available for streaming online.

The founders of “Project Wake Up,” Alex Lindley and Danny Kerth, wanted to turn their grief and experiences with suicide into something that could impact others. Lindley shared that it was challenging to navigate the juxtaposition of joyous times in life with the sudden loss of a loved one, thrusting them into adulthood in a tragic way.

The devastating news of their friend’s suicide came as a shock, as he was described as the life of the party, beloved many. This tragedy followed the loss of another friend, Carolyn, to suicide just two years prior.

For Kerth, the deaths of these friends brought back past trauma, as he had lost his father to suicide when he was just nine years old. At that time, discussing suicide was heavily stigmatized, but now they wanted to change that narrative and encourage open conversations.

“Project Wake Up” serves as a reminder during National Suicide Prevention Week to honor the lives lost and to support those currently struggling. The documentary aims to shed light on the realities of suicide and provide resources for prevention.

– “Project Wake Up” documentary released in 2019
– National Suicide Prevention Week: Combating Suicide One Conversation at a Time