San Francisco 49ers Look to Extend Winning Streak Against Los Angeles Rams

San Francisco 49ers Look to Extend Winning Streak Against Los Angeles Rams


The San Francisco 49ers continue their dominance over the Los Angeles Rams as they face off in a highly anticipated match between two 1-0 teams on Sunday, September 17th. This long-standing rivalry has seen the 49ers emerge victorious in their last eight regular-season encounters with the Rams. Despite the Rams’ recent NFC championship win over the 49ers, their losing streak in regular-season games against their rivals remains an uncomfortable topic for both head coaches, Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan.

The 49ers, who made the NFC title game in three out of the four seasons during their winning streak, are eager to continue their success this season. Led their talented offense, including quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers have proven to be a tough challenge for the Rams. Garoppolo, who has a perfect 8-0 record as a regular-season starter against the Rams, will look to extend his undefeated streak and lead the 49ers to another victory.

On the other side, the Rams, led star defensive player Aaron Donald and new quarterback Matthew Stafford, are off to a strong start this season with a road win over the Seattle Seahawks. However, they face a formidable test against the 49ers’ talented roster, including rookie quarterback Brock Purdy, who has been impressive in his first season.

The game will be live-streamed on fuboTV, which offers various subscription packages. Viewers can enjoy a free trial of fuboTV’s “pro” package, which comes with over 146 channels and numerous sports options. Alternatively, there is the “elite” package for additional channels, or the “premiere” package that includes Showtime.

For those who prefer traditional television broadcast, the game will be televised on Fox, with the possibility of blackouts.Overall, this highly anticipated match promises to be an exciting clash between two talented teams vying for early-season success.

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