What news channels are on Hulu?

What news channels are on Hulu?

Hulu, the popular streaming platform, offers a wide range of content to its subscribers, including a selection of news channels. Whether you’re looking for breaking news, in-depth analysis, or live coverage of current events, Hulu has you covered. Here’s a rundown of some of the news channels available on Hulu:

1. CNN: CNN, or Cable News Network, is a leading news channel known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news. With CNN on Hulu, you can stay up to date with the latest headlines, political developments, and global affairs.

2. Fox News: Fox News is a prominent news channel that provides a conservative perspective on current events. From political commentary to business news, Fox News offers a diverse range of programming for its viewers.

3. MSNBC: MSNBC is a news channel that focuses on progressive viewpoints and offers in-depth analysis of political news and current affairs. With MSNBC on Hulu, you can access shows that delve into the latest political debates and social issues.

4. ABC News Live: ABC News Live is a streaming channel that provides live coverage of breaking news, special events, and original programming. With ABC News Live on Hulu, you can watch live news broadcasts and catch up on the latest stories.

5. CBS News: CBS News is a trusted source for news, offering a wide range of programming, including investigative reports, interviews, and analysis. With CBS News on Hulu, you can access their award-winning journalism and stay informed on important stories.


Q: Are these news channels available on all Hulu plans?
A: No, the availability of news channels may vary depending on the Hulu plan you subscribe to. Some plans may include live TV streaming, which provides access to news channels, while others may only offer on-demand content.

Q: Can I watch live news broadcasts on Hulu?
A: Yes, if you have a Hulu plan that includes live TV streaming, you can watch news channels in real-time, allowing you to stay updated on the latest news as it happens.

Q: Can I access news archives on Hulu?
A: While Hulu primarily focuses on providing current content, some news channels may offer select archived programs or segments. However, for extensive news archives, it is recommended to explore dedicated news websites or platforms.

In conclusion, Hulu offers a variety of news channels that cater to different perspectives and interests. Whether you prefer CNN’s comprehensive coverage, Fox News’ conservative viewpoint, or MSNBC’s progressive analysis, Hulu has news channels to suit your preferences. Stay informed and up to date with the latest news accessing these channels through your Hulu subscription.