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Social Media Goes Crazy for Catchy Song About Sitting

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A song proclaiming the joys of sitting has become a viral sensation on social media, leaving many users curious about its origins. The song, titled “Sitting,” made its debut in a tweet comedian Bryan Jordan Alvarez, known for his roles in Will & Grace and the sci-fi film M3GAN.

Alvarez frequently shares humorous videos on Snapchat, sometimes assuming the persona of a character named TJ Mack who is a singer-songwriter. It is under this moniker that the now-viral song, with its opening lyrics “Sitting is the opposite of standing,” was released.

Since its upload on September 10, the song has gained immense popularity, racking up over 2.6 million views in less than two weeks. It has sparked a social media trend, with countless users creating their own versions on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

One user on X, Nogloff Nogloffian, posted a version of the song in the j-fusion style of Himiko Kikuchi, using Alvarez’s original vocals against a jazz beat. Real-life musicians have also hopped on the trend, sharing their own covers of the song. Nashville singer Kory Wheeler gave it the acoustic treatment on TikTok, while New York musician Emma Welch posted her bass guitar rendition on Instagram.

Alvarez himself has even created mash-ups of the covers, further fueling the popularity of the song. Social media users cannot seem to get it out of their heads, and Alvarez is gaining a whole new fanbase as a result.

With comments like “sitting is a wonderful thing to do” and jokes about playing the song at weddings, it’s clear that the silly yet infectious tune has struck a chord with many listeners. Its catchy nature and widespread appeal have taken the internet storm.

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– Definitions:
– Viral sensation: A piece of content that spreads quickly and widely across the internet through sharing and reposting.
– Moniker: A nickname or pseudonym used a person.