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What is the new Netflix show about Thanksgiving?

What is the new Netflix show about Thanksgiving?

Netflix has just released an exciting new show centered around the beloved holiday of Thanksgiving. Titled “Turkey Tales,” this heartwarming series takes viewers on a journey through the ups and downs of Thanksgiving celebrations, exploring the traditions, family dynamics, and unexpected adventures that often accompany this special time of year.

Plot and Characters

“Turkey Tales” follows the lives of three diverse families as they navigate the challenges and joys of Thanksgiving. Each episode focuses on a different family, showcasing their unique experiences and highlighting the universal themes of gratitude, love, and togetherness.

From the chaotic yet hilarious mishaps in the kitchen to the heartwarming reunions of long-lost relatives, “Turkey Tales” captures the essence of Thanksgiving in a relatable and entertaining way. The show’s creators have masterfully woven together humor, drama, and heartfelt moments to create a series that will resonate with audiences of all ages.


Q: When was “Turkey Tales” released?
A: “Turkey Tales” was released on Netflix on November 1st, just in time for the Thanksgiving season.

Q: How many episodes are there?
A: The first season of “Turkey Tales” consists of six episodes, each approximately 30 minutes long.

Q: Is “Turkey Tales” suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, “Turkey Tales” is a family-friendly show that can be enjoyed viewers of all ages. It offers wholesome entertainment and relatable stories that will resonate with both children and adults.

Q: Can I binge-watch the entire season?
A: Absolutely! All six episodes of “Turkey Tales” are available for streaming on Netflix, allowing you to indulge in a delightful Thanksgiving marathon.

Q: Will there be a second season?
A: While Netflix has not officially announced a second season, the positive reception and popularity of “Turkey Tales” make it highly likely that we will see more heartwarming Thanksgiving stories in the future.

So, gather your loved ones, grab a slice of pumpkin pie, and tune in to “Turkey Tales” for a delightful and heartwarming Thanksgiving experience. This new Netflix show is sure to become a holiday tradition for families around the world, reminding us all of the importance of gratitude, love, and the joy of coming together.