Exploring the Viral Trend of “Marriage Language” on TikTok

Exploring the Viral Trend of “Marriage Language” on TikTok

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A new trend is taking TikTok storm as couples share the funny words and phrases they use with each other when no one else is around. Dubbed “marriage language,” this trend highlights the unique inside jokes, nicknames, and catchphrases that couples develop over the course of their relationship.

Unlike the concept of “love language,” which refers to different ways people express affection in a relationship, marriage language is highly specific to each couple. It involves personal quirks and intimate references that only they understand.

Popular TikTok videos under the hashtags #MarriageLanguage and #MarriedLanguage feature one partner quizzing the other providing clues or showing images that prompt a response related to their shared jokes. For example, one couple uses the term “baguetties” for reusable grocery bags and calls dollar bills “doll hairs.” Another couple refers to brushing their teeth as “brushin zoobies.”

These TikToks showcase the humor and sweetness of each couple’s unique relationship, capturing their love and laughter in just a few words. The trend has gained immense popularity, with videos under the hashtags accumulating over 72.3 billion views and counting.

The appeal of the marriage language trend extends beyond just married couples. Long-term partners who haven’t tied the knot are also enthusiastically participating and sharing their own TikToks using the hashtags. This trend has even brought strangers together, as they discover that phrases they thought were unique to them are actually shared other couples.

The marriage language trend on TikTok provides a platform for couples to celebrate their love and bond over the quirky language they’ve developed together. It serves as a reminder that behind every relationship lies a world of inside jokes and special moments.

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