The Roman Empire Trend Takes TikTok Storm

The Roman Empire Trend Takes TikTok Storm

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TikTok, known for its wide array of entertaining content, is currently witnessing a surge in the popularity of influencers and creators. This platform has provided users with a stage to showcase their creative talents and has captivated us with everything from beautiful musical comebacks to peculiar trends. However, a new trend on TikTok has recently emerged, revealing the unexpected fascination many individuals have with ancient Rome.

Known as the “Roman Empire” trend, it involves women asking their male partners a simple question: “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?” Surprisingly, the responses have been quite astounding. Men have admitted to thinking about the Roman Empire frequently, varying from once a week to multiple times a day. As a result, this trend has gained viral status, captivating users around the world.

The origins of this trend can be traced back to Swedish Roman reenactor Gaius Flavius. Through his Instagram account, Gaius urged his followers to ask their partners about their thoughts on the Roman Empire. Inspired Gaius’s invitation, Swedish influencer Saskia Cort joined in, advocating for her Instagram followers to participate as well. It didn’t take long for the trend to spread beyond Sweden and reach the global TikTok community.

As more and more users hopped on the bandwagon, videos began flooding TikTok with partners candidly sharing their thoughts on ancient Rome. This phenomenon has generated tremendous engagement, with hundreds of thousands of views on these videos and the hashtag #RomanEmpire garnering over 893 million views.

The Roman Empire trend on TikTok serves as a unique reminder of the enduring influence of history on popular culture. It highlights the curiosity and interest people have in ancient civilizations, even in the context of a social media platform primarily associated with contemporary entertainment.


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