Alice in Borderland Season 3: Viral Posters Suggest Renewal

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Viral Posters Suggest Renewal

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The popular Japanese series, Alice in Borderland, may have been secretly renewed for a third season. New viral posters found in a subway in Japan have sparked speculation about the show’s future.

After the release of Season 2 on Netflix in December 2022, the series garnered 216 million hours of viewing in its first five weeks worldwide. This success also boosted viewership for Season 1.

Despite a cliffhanger ending that left fans wanting more, there has been little information about the potential renewal of Alice in Borderland for a third season. However, recent social media posts featuring the new posters have ignited excitement among fans.

The posters display Netflix’s logo, along with ten cards arranged in two rows of five. Twitter user chp_marke provided an insightful analysis, revealing that the cards can be deciphered as a code spelling out “ALICE THREE”. By matching the number on each card to the corresponding letter in its suit, the message is unveiled.

Interestingly, the background of the posters features an enlarged symbol of the Joker, which played a significant role in the conclusion of Season 2. This connection to playing cards and the detective work of Twitter users strongly suggests that a Season 3 renewal is likely.

Fans eagerly anticipate any announcements about Alice in Borderland Season 3. Netflix’s upcoming Drop01 event may provide more clues or teasers for the future of the series.

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