Vikings’ Alexander Mattison Speaks Out Against Racial Abuse on Social Media

Vikings’ Alexander Mattison Speaks Out Against Racial Abuse on Social Media

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Alexander Mattison, a running back for the Minnesota Vikings, recently went public about the racial slurs and hate messages he received on social media after the team’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. In an Instagram post, he shared some of the messages and expressed his frustration at the level of hate he and many other players face on a daily basis.

Mattison’s decision to speak out was motivated his desire to raise awareness about the vitriol that exists on social media. He wants to be a voice for the voiceless and hopes that his actions can spark change in how these issues are addressed.

He suggested that social media platforms should take more responsibility in tackling the problem. Mattison believes that individuals who create fake accounts to spread hate should be traceable and held accountable for their actions. He emphasized that these people should not be able to hide behind anonymity and called for a change in how these platforms handle such situations.

Teammates showed their support for Mattison’s decision to go public. Cam Bynum expressed his appreciation for Mattison’s courage in bringing attention to the issue, stating that it happens to all players. Josh Metellus shared a similar experience during his time at the University of Michigan, highlighting the need for a core group of people to provide stability in the face of such negativity.

The Vikings organization and the NFL released statements condemning the racist comments directed towards Mattison. Both statements emphasized the importance of eliminating racism and standing with players who face such ignorance and prejudice.

Mattison’s experience shed light on the reality that professional athletes are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect. He stressed that the hate and abuse on social media are not just words but have a real impact on the lives of those targeted.

Overall, Mattison’s decision to speak out has sparked a conversation about the need for change and accountability in handling hate speech and racism on social media platforms.

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