Elderly Women from Karnataka Go Viral for Dancing to Nepali Song

Elderly Women from Karnataka Go Viral for Dancing to Nepali Song

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A video of a group of elderly women from Karnataka dancing to the hit Nepali song “Badal Barsa Bijuli” has gone viral on social media. The video, shared the NGO @shantai_second_childhood on Instagram, showcases the women standing near the roadside and matching their steps to the beats of the song.

Since the video was shared on September 6, it has garnered over 14.2 million views and continues to gain momentum. The performance of these elderly women has impressed many people on the internet, with users expressing their admiration for their enthusiasm and spirit.

One individual commented, “This enthusiasm even at this age. Salute from the bottom of my heart. Very nice grandma.” Another user described the video as the “most beautiful Reel” they have ever seen on Instagram.

Many others praised the women’s dedication and expressed their well wishes, saying, “May you all live a long and healthy life” and “God bless you all.” Some viewers even compared the dance performance to teachers teaching nursery kids on an annual day, highlighting its delightful cuteness.

The video generated numerous likes and comments, with reactions consisting of heart and clapping emojis. It has been widely regarded as “too cute” several viewers.

The viral nature of this dance video showcases the power of social media in bringing attention to unexpected and heartwarming moments. It serves as a reminder of the joy that can be found in dance and the celebration of life at any age.

– Instagram/@Shantai_second_childhood