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London Police Address Videos of Arrests at Liberal Party Retreat

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The London Police have responded to videos circulating on social media that raised questions about the arrests of two protesters during the federal Liberal Party retreat. Chief Than Truong stated that the videos only captured segments of the overall event, and that the incident, which involved aggressive and combative behavior from protest participants, was handled appropriately the officers.

The police claim that one of their officers was assaulted two of the protesters while attempting to maintain peace. They reiterated their commitment to respecting the right to protest peacefully, but also stated that they will not tolerate behavior that puts the safety of the community or their officers at risk.

Last week, the police issued a news release announcing that two individuals from London were facing charges for assaulting a police officer and causing a disturbance during the event. Both suspects have been released pending their court appearances in October.

A video shared on social media shows the arrest of two people outside the Doubletree Hilton, where anti-Liberal protesters had gathered. However, the video does not provide context for the police intervention.

The prime minister and the Liberal Party held a national caucus retreat in London, and the arrests occurred outside the adjacent convention center.

In the video, a man holding a flag with the text ‘F–k Trudeau’ on a large pole is arrested two officers. The footage also captures a confrontation between officers and a larger group of protesters. At one point, an officer is seen reacting to an action a woman behind him, leading to her being pulled two officers toward a police cruiser.

Protesters can be heard shouting and swearing at the police during the arrests, and a circle of officers forms to keep protesters at a distance.


Arrests: The act of taking someone into custody the lawful authority of the police.

Protesters: Individuals or a group of people expressing their objections, grievances, or demands to raise awareness or bring about change.


– The London Free Press

– Keean Bexte (Twitter and Facebook)