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Tyson Fury Declines Million-Dollar Offer for “At Home with the Furys”

Tyson Fury has made the surprising decision to turn down a lucrative offer from Netflix to film two additional seasons of his hit reality show, “At Home with the Furys.” The show, which follows Tyson, his wife Paris, and their six children, became an instant success on Netflix, reaching the top spot in the most popular television series.

Despite the show’s popularity, Fury does not want to be known primarily as a “reality star” and has voiced his discomfort with the intrusive nature of the filming process. On multiple occasions, he requested that the cameramen stop filming him during production.

In an interview, Fury expressed his desire to leave the show early on, stating, “I wanted out. It was a couple of weeks in, and I was on the phone to my lawyers, asking if there was any way I could get out of this. I don’t know what I’ve signed up for again. I’ve made a mistake.”

However, while Tyson Fury has declined any further involvement in the show, Netflix is still interested in working with his wife, Paris. Paris Fury, who has been married to Tyson for 15 years, has received praise from viewers for her unwavering support of him.

The decision to reject the offer from Netflix comes as Tyson Fury, who suffers from mental health disorders such as bipolar and ADHD, has made his struggles with mental health public. He has been open about his experiences with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and how they impact both him and his family.

Although Netflix still holds hope that the show could be revisited in the future, Tyson Fury’s focus for now is on his boxing career, as he is currently an active boxer again after coming out of retirement. Other TV networks may also present competition for the streaming giant, as Tyson considers his options for his post-fighting career.

Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy Fury’s fiancĂ©e, also featured on the show and spoke for the first time about joining the Fury family as a “non-traveller.” She expressed her hope that her decision to have their daughter attend school, unlike the Fury family’s tradition of homeschooling, would not cause any conflicts.

While Tyson Fury has declined to continue “At Home with the Furys” for now, the first season can still be enjoyed audiences on Netflix.


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Source: Molly-Mae and Tyson Fury on “At Home with the Furys”