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Bluesky: A Rising Decentralized Social Media Alternative to X

Bluesky, a decentralized social media application that emerged as an alternative to X, has experienced significant growth, surpassing 2 million users in just two months after reaching the 1 million user mark. Exciting news is on the horizon for Bluesky, as it prepares to introduce a public web interface. This eagerly anticipated feature is expected to enhance the platform’s attractiveness to journalists and other users who seek easy access to information.

One of the challenges Bluesky currently faces is the requirement for users to sign in before viewing links to posts, potentially limiting its audience. The upcoming public web interface, which is set to launch at the end of this month, will address this issue, enabling users to access content without the need for authentication.

In another significant development, Bluesky plans to introduce federation support early next year. Although Bluesky operates on the AT Protocol, making it technically decentralized, users are still required to sign up through the main network. The advent of a federated network will enable users to post content through various providers, expanding options beyond reliance on a single central platform. Platforms such as Mastodon have already embraced this approach, attracting journalists and professionals seeking decentralized alternatives to traditional social media giants.

Bluesky has recently implemented several noteworthy updates, including the introduction of mobile push notifications, email verification for account security, and improved accessibility through enhanced alt text. These improvements demonstrate Bluesky’s commitment to creating a user-friendly and inclusive social media experience.


Q: How many users does Bluesky currently have?
A: Bluesky has surpassed the 2 million user milestone.

Q: When will Bluesky launch its public web interface?
A: Bluesky plans to release the public web interface the end of this month.

Q: What is federation support?
A: Federation support enables users to post content through various providers within a decentralized social media network.

Q: Which platform already supports federation?
A: Mastodon is a prominent decentralized Twitter-like platform that openly supports multiple providers.

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