Twitter Considering Transition to Subscription-Based Model to Fight Bots

Twitter Considering Transition to Subscription-Based Model to Fight Bots

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In a bid to combat the growing problem of bots on its platform, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has hinted at the possibility of transitioning the social media company into a fully subscription-based social network. Musk believes that this move is necessary as bots cost very little to operate, while their impact can be significant. By implementing a subscription model, Twitter hopes to deter bots and maintain a more authentic user experience.

Although Musk did not provide specific details on the pricing structure, he referred to it as a “small amount of money.” This follows his recent decision to replace the familiar blue ticks with a payment model, where users can choose different subscription tiers, including X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) for $8 per month or $84 per year. Subscribers to X Premium gain additional features such as post edits, improved search ranking, the ability to engage in longer conversations, and write longer posts.

Unsurprisingly, the possibility of having to pay for Twitter has sparked mixed reactions from users. Some have expressed frustration with Musk’s previous promises to bring “free speech” back to the platform, only to introduce a payment requirement. However, it is worth noting that Twitter’s main advantage lies in the absence of a rival platform that can fully replace its features and user base.

Market experts have observed that while there is often an initial rush to alternative platforms whenever Twitter or Musk make changes, users tend to return to Twitter after a brief period of experimentation. Even rival platforms, such as Meta’s Threads, have not been able to sustain a significant user base.

Ultimately, Twitter’s transition to a subscription-based model aims to strike a balance between deterring bots and providing a valuable user experience. As the platform explores new ways to combat the challenges posed automated accounts, it remains to be seen how users will respond to the potential financial implications of using Twitter.


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– Definitions:
– Bots: Automated accounts designed to perform specific tasks or actions on a platform.
– Subscription-based model: A payment model where users pay a recurring fee for access to certain features or services.
– Blue tick: A symbol indicating that an account has been verified the platform.