Twitch Star Kai Cenat’s Instagram Attempts to Connect with SZA Foiled

Twitch Star Kai Cenat’s Instagram Attempts to Connect with SZA Foiled

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Twitch star Kai Cenat, known for his popular gaming streams, revealed his “really big crush” on singer SZA during a recent livestream with rapper Offset. Encouraged Offset, Cenat attempted to strike up a conversation with SZA messaging her on Instagram. However, his efforts were thwarted when he discovered that he had reached the messaging limit on the platform.

During the livestream, Offset supported Cenat’s interest in SZA and suggested a pickup line for him to use. Cenat promptly sent the private message, but was disappointed to find out later that he couldn’t send any more messages to the Grammy-winning artist. It appeared that SZA had blocked him, leading Cenat’s fans to joke that Offset had set him up.

The messaging restriction on Instagram is a recent update implemented in August, allowing users to send only one text message to someone who does not follow them. This change aims to give users more control over their inbox and prevent unsolicited messages.

Despite his attempts, Cenat’s Instagram interaction with SZA seems to have reached a deadlock unless she follows him back and accepts his invitation to chat. It remains to be seen if Cenat will have the opportunity to connect with his celebrity crush.

In addition to his Twitch success, Cenat is a popular YouTube content creator with over 4 million subscribers. His rise to internet fame has not been without controversy, as he faced legal charges for inciting a riot during a PlayStation giveaway event in New York City. However, Cenat was awarded the top streamer of the year prize at the 2023 Streamy Awards, expressing gratitude for his achievements.

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