The Keith Lee Food Review Tour: Exploring Detroit’s Culinary Scene

The Keith Lee Food Review Tour: Exploring Detroit’s Culinary Scene

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Social media sensation Keith Lee, known for his honest and down-to-earth restaurant reviews on TikTok, has taken his “food review tour” on the road, starting with a visit to Detroit. With a whopping 13 million followers, his opinions hold weight in the culinary world.

Keith’s first stop in Detroit was Speedy’s Coney Island, where he sampled the menu and gave it a modest 5/10 rating. However, his experience at The Spot Truk impressed him, earning a remarkable 9.5/10 rating. The turbo sauce left a lasting impression on him and his wife.

Continuing his exploration, Keith visited the Whatcha Wanna Eat Food Hall, a black-owned food court brimming with delectable options. After indulging in an apple pie waffle ice cream dessert from Life is Sweetz, he was blown away and awarded it an 8.5/10. Crazy Burger, another vendor at the food hall, earned his highest rating of the day with a 9.5/10 for their burgers.

Keith’s adventure led him to Detroit 75 Kitchen, where he teamed up with TikTok star MD Motivator. Together, they sampled sandwiches and generously gave them ratings of 8.5 and 9/10. For their final stop, they visited Hoodbachi, a popular food truck run Detroit legend T Grizzley. The bowl they devoured earned an impressive 9.3/10 rating.

Keith’s reviews have shed light on Detroit’s vibrant and underrated local food scene. Despite the high ratings he gave, it’s important to note that these establishments may experience some delays due to the “Keith Lee effect” – an influx of customers after his reviews. However, this newfound attention may also bring more success to these deserving businesses.

In conclusion, Keith Lee’s food review tour showcases the hidden gems of Detroit’s culinary landscape, giving local businesses a platform to shine. It’s evident that Detroit’s food scene is thriving, with new restaurants constantly emerging as culinary destinations. If you find yourself in the Motor City, be sure to explore these establishments and discover the taste sensations they have to offer.

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