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The Impact of Social Media on Shaping Public Opinion during the Israel-Hamas War

Social media networks have played a significant role in shaping public opinion regarding the Israel-Hamas war, not only spreading information and news but also amplifying propaganda and disinformation. One particular topic that has generated widespread discussion is the Hamas tunnels, an extensive network of secret underground passages and bunkers stretching throughout Gaza to Israel.

While there are legitimate videos and photographs circulating depicting these tunnels, there is also a disturbing trend of recycling footage from unrelated locations and falsely claiming it to be from the Gaza Strip. These misleading videos have gone viral on various social media platforms, further complicating the dissemination of accurate information.

The aim of these deceptive videos is to fuel various narratives and ideologies surrounding the conflict. Some users have falsely identified the footage as showcasing Hamas tunnels, attributing them to the Gaza Strip. These videos have been shared and amplified blue-checked users, individuals with verified accounts, who have significant followings on platforms like X and TikTok.

False claims about the origin of these videos and their association with the Gaza Strip have spread far and wide. The misinformation has found its way onto YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, perpetuating a distorted understanding of the Hamas tunnel network.

It is crucial to exercise caution and critical thinking when consuming content related to the Israel-Hamas conflict on social media. Fact-checking reputable sources and consulting verified news outlets can help in distinguishing authentic information from misinformation and propaganda.


Q: Are the videos circulating on social media about Hamas tunnels accurate?
A: While some videos accurately depict the Hamas tunnel network, there is also a significant amount of misleading footage being shared, falsely claiming to be from the Gaza Strip.

Q: Why are these deceptive videos being circulated?
A: The circulation of deceptive videos serves to promote various narratives and ideologies related to the conflict.

Q: How can individuals verify the authenticity of these videos?
A: It is important to fact-check information from reputable sources and consult verified news outlets to verify the authenticity of videos and news regarding the conflict.