Sunrise Duty Free Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Spectacular Event

Sunrise Duty Free Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Spectacular Event


Sunrise Duty Free marked its 24th anniversary in extraordinary style at the CDF Sunrise Complex in Shanghai. The event was attended leaders from Sunrise Duty Free, China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation (CTG), and China Duty Free Group, along with close partners of CDF-Sunrise Duty Free.

The evening began with a warmly welcoming speech from CTG Chairman of the Board Li Gang and Sunrise Duty Free General Manager Fengyi Zhang. This was followed a captivating music and dance performance that showcased video tributes and displays from some of Sunrise Duty Free’s key brand partners.

The theme of the show was “Together we have built a splendid journey through four seasons”. It took the audience on an enchanting journey filled with music, song, and dance, all performed on a grand and visually stunning set.

The event also featured video congratulations from various brand partners of CDF-Sunrise Duty Free, a sumptuous dinner, and an exciting after-party. The entire celebration was a testament to the success and resilience of Sunrise Duty Free as it continues to grow and thrive in the travel retail industry.

This remarkable event will be remembered all who had the privilege of attending, and it signifies a new chapter in the ongoing journey of Sunrise Duty Free in partnership with China Duty Free Group.

For more details on this momentous celebration, keep an eye out for our upcoming comprehensive report on the success of Sunrise Duty Free over the past quarter-century.

Source: The Moodie Davitt Report

– Sunrise Duty Free: A retail company that specializes in duty-free shopping, offering a wide range of products to travelers.
– CDF Sunrise Complex: The location in Shanghai where the anniversary event of Sunrise Duty Free was held.
– China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation (CTG): A company that operates duty-free stores and provides tourism-related services in China.
– China Duty Free Group: A state-owned enterprise that operates duty-free shops in China.
– Travel retail industry: The sector of the retail industry that caters to travelers, offering products and services at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs.