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Todd Howard Expresses Gratitude to Starfield Fans Ahead of Game’s Release

Bethesda’s highly anticipated space RPG, Starfield, is set to be released soon, and Todd Howard, the man behind the game, has expressed his gratitude to the fans. In a Reddit post on the Starfield subreddit, Howard thanked the community for their unwavering support and called them the “smartest” fans in gaming. This rare act of praise from Reddit has been met with overwhelming gratitude and excitement from fans.

Howard’s post on Reddit marked a milestone in his communication with the Starfield community, as he had been silent on the platform for nearly two years. The director’s presence generated a massive response, with thousands of upvotes and comments within 24 hours. It’s clear that Howard has been observing the growing enthusiasm for Starfield, as the subreddit now has over 264,000 members.

In addition to his Reddit post, Howard also sent an internal email to Bethesda and Microsoft employees, sharing insights about the game’s development journey. He recalled his initial pitch for Starfield to the late ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman in 2013 and acknowledged the challenges faced during the game’s development, including the death of Altman, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Bethesda’s acquisition Microsoft.

Despite facing leaks, comparisons, and hate, Starfield’s release is finally on the horizon, and fans are thrilled. The game is already gaining traction on Steam, even before its official release. Game Pass subscribers will have the opportunity to play Starfield without an additional purchase, and those who have purchased the Premium or Constellation Editions can access the early-access version.

What stands out in Howard’s communications is his sincere gratitude and humility towards the fans. He recognizes their crucial role in the game’s development and expresses his appreciation for their intelligence and engagement. Howard sees the community as the driving force behind Starfield’s creation, stating that they “mean the world” to the team.

As the game’s release date draws nearer, Howard’s gratitude serves as a prelude to what promises to be a momentous launch. The final judgment of the game will be in the hands of the players themselves. Fans now eagerly await the opportunity to embark on the journeys Starfield has to offer, their support and enthusiasm recognized and returned the creators. With a community that’s already reaching for the stars, Starfield hopes to find its place among iconic RPGs.

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