Tinder Partners with Centre for Social Research to Offer Safety Guidance to its Users

Tinder Partners with Centre for Social Research to Offer Safety Guidance to its Users


Tinder, the popular online dating platform, has announced a partnership with the Centre for Social Research (CSR) to provide safety guidance for its users. The move aims to enhance user safety and build on the existing 15 safety features on the app. Tinder has collaborated with the not-for-profit organization to leverage its insights on technology and violence against women in India.

Users of the app will receive a prompt through an in-app message to access the “Dating Safety Guideline.” The guide is designed to offer support and guidance to users throughout their dating journey, particularly for those who are new to online dating. Aahana Dhar, Tinder India Communications Director, encourages users to make use of the guide and take advantage of the safety features embedded in the app.

The app has steadily grown over the past decade, expanding from one language and one country to over 45 languages in 190 countries worldwide. Dhar emphasizes that Tinder’s role is not to dictate who users should be attracted to or how they should interact, as long as there is consent and individuals are aware of their options to remove themselves from uncomfortable situations.

Tinder uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to flag potentially harmful words in conversations. ML-based features such as ‘Does This Bother You? (DTBY?)’ and ‘Are You Sure? (AYS?)’ encourage users to report inappropriate conversations and take action against rule-breaking members. Additionally, the app provides free and paid options for users to engage with potential matches.

Dhar asserts that user privacy is a top concern for Tinder. The app encourages users to report any suspicious activity and provides the option to unmatch and/or report members that violate the app’s terms. Tinder also serves as a safe space for the transgender community, providing an outlet for young adults to express their gender and sexuality comfortably.

The app’s features include the ability to hide sexual orientation, allowing users to protect their profiles in countries where their dating preferences may put them at legal risk. Dhar states that dating apps like Tinder offer young daters in India a platform for freedom and self-exploration, helping to break down stereotypes and expectations surrounding gender, sex, and relationships.

Overall, Tinder’s partnership with the Centre for Social Research demonstrates its ongoing commitment to user safety and promoting a positive dating experience. By providing safety guidance and leveraging technology, Tinder aims to create a secure environment for its diverse user base.

– PTI (Press Trust of India)