New Article: Times Telegram to Utilize U.S. Postal Service for Delivery

New Article: Times Telegram to Utilize U.S. Postal Service for Delivery

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The Times Telegram, a local newspaper, will now be delivered to subscribers’ mailboxes through the U.S. Postal Service starting from Monday, Oct. 23. This change is part of an initiative to improve delivery consistency and make the most of available resources. The decision also takes into account ongoing labor challenges, fluctuating fuel prices, competition from door-to-door delivery services, and the increasing demand for digital content.

By leveraging the Postal Service’s network and expertise, the Times Telegram aims to enhance customer service and address the issues that some subscribers have faced with inconsistent delivery. This transition allows print subscribers to receive their newspapers on time while benefiting from the Postal Service’s reliable infrastructure.

In today’s digital age, online news has become the primary choice for readers seeking breaking news. However, many print subscribers are also engaging digitally. In response to this, the Times Telegram is committed to providing access to its newspaper and articles both online through their website and in print.

Gannett Co. Inc., the company that operates the Times Telegram and over 200 other local newspapers, has successfully implemented this approach in multiple markets and plans to expand it further due to the increasing demand for digital subscriptions.

Subscribers will receive letters in the mail prior to the delivery change, along with instructions on how to access the digital products. For any questions or concerns, subscribers can visit the Times Telegram help page online.

Overall, the Times Telegram’s decision to utilize the U.S. Postal Service for delivery serves to improve consistency and customer experience. It also acknowledges the evolving preferences of readers and ensures that they can access the newspaper’s content through various channels.

– The Times Telegram (source article)