The Rise of Tube Girl: Dancing, Confidence, and TikTok Phenomenon

The Rise of Tube Girl: Dancing, Confidence, and TikTok Phenomenon

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Tube Girl, also known as Sabrina Bahsoon, has taken TikTok storm with her bold displays of confidence on London’s underground trains. With her videos filmed in 0.5 mode, she dances to upbeat songs Nicki Minaj, ignoring stares from fellow passengers, and embracing her authentic self. What started as a viral video in August has now turned into a TikTok phenomenon, gaining Bahsoon over 400,000 followers and inspiring countless imitations.

The Tube Girl effect has sparked a self-love movement, with TikTokkers using her videos as a means to overcome social anxiety, increase confidence, and reshape their perception of everyday commutes. The trend has also garnered praise for its cinematography, as viewers commend Bahsoon’s camera work and style of filming. Influencers like Abbie Herbert and Issey Moloney have even posted renditions of the trend, tagging Bahsoon in their captions.

The appeal of dancing on public transport lies in its unapologetic and unbothered nature. By embracing confidence and disregarding social perceptions, followers of the Tube Girl effect view it as a way to subvert traditional expectations and to not take anything too seriously. It aligns with the Very Online concept often associated with TikTok, encouraging users to embrace the “cringe” and find empowerment in being true to oneself.

Not only has Bahsoon’s popularity on TikTok soared, but she has also landed her first runway gig at MAC Cosmetics’ show during the London Fashion Show. The hashtag #tubegirl has amassed 281 million views, while #tubegirleffect has over 70 million.

The Tube Girl phenomenon exemplifies the power of TikTok as a platform for self-expression, confidence-building, and subverting traditional social norms. It has created a community of individuals who are unafraid to dance and be themselves in public spaces, inspiring others to do the same.

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