TikToker Reveals Earnings and Predicts Longer Videos in the Future

TikToker Reveals Earnings and Predicts Longer Videos in the Future

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A TikToker named @tombirchy has shared his earnings from the platform and offered some insights into the future of TikTok videos. With 1.6 billion users signed up and 1.1 billion active on the site, TikTok is undeniably popular. The algorithm curates a wide range of content for users to enjoy.

@tombirchy explained that views translate into earnings, and longer videos tend to be more lucrative. TikTok has introduced a new program called the Creativity Program Beta, which rewards creators for videos lasting over one minute. This has led to a trend of creators uploading longer videos in the hopes of boosting their earnings.

The TikToker revealed that he made over £2,500 in just five days from his videos on the site. He emphasized the significance of RPM, which stands for “revenue per mill,” and explained that it represents how much money a TikToker is paid per thousand views on their videos. In his case, the RPM amounted to 92 pence.

According to @tombirchy, the future of TikTok will likely involve even longer videos exceeding the one-minute mark. He dismissed the notion that making too many videos in a short span of time is detrimental, noting that the statistics prove otherwise.

These revelations suggest that TikTok can be a profitable platform for creators who accumulate a large number of views. As more users aim to monetize their content, it is expected that video lengths will continue to increase in order to maximize earnings.