Controversy Surrounding NCT Taeyong’s TikTok Video Explained

Controversy Surrounding NCT Taeyong’s TikTok Video Explained

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NCT Taeyong, famous for his TikTok uploads and his presence on stage, recently faced severe criticism and backlash for a TikTok video he posted. In the video, Taeyong participated in a dance challenge with his bandmates Johnny and Haechan. The controversy arose when fans recognized that the audio used in the clip originated from LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon.

During a concert, Chaewon had a small slip-up while performing. Instead of letting it affect her, she continued on with the performance, which endeared her to many fans. The mistake went viral in the K-pop community, resulting in the creation of memes and even a dance challenge started dancer MOJO.

However, Taeyong received negative feedback for his participation in the dance challenge. Netizens believed that it was mocking Chaewon and criticized him for it. Some fans came to Taeyong’s defense, stating that it was just a lighthearted interaction and not intended to mock Chaewon.

Taeyong ultimately deleted the video due to the backlash, which led to further support from fans. The controversy has sparked discussion among netizens, with both sides expressing their opinions on whether or not the video was mocking Chaewon.

What are your thoughts on NCT Taeyong’s TikTok video? Do you believe it was mocking Chaewon? Share your opinion in the comments below.

– NCT: A South Korean boy group formed SM Entertainment.
– TikTok: A social media platform for creating and sharing short videos.
– LE SSERAFIM: A global girl group.

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