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TikTok Star Juixxe Surprises Ice Cream Vendor and School Kids with Acts of Kindness

A TikTok star, known as Juixxe, has once again captured the hearts of viewers with his random acts of kindness in San Diego. In a recent video posted on TikTok, Juixxe surprised an unsuspecting palatero, or ice cream man, outside Porter Elementary School in Lincoln Park.

Juixxe offered to buy the palatero’s entire stock of ice cream, chips, and candy, delighting both the vendor and the hungry elementary school kids. As soon as Juixxe shouted, “Free ice cream!,” a crowd of children gathered to grab a free treat.

The overwhelming response forced Juixxe, the ice cream man, and the kids to move the party elsewhere. In total, they sold $745 worth of ice cream and treats in just one hour. But Juixxe’s good deed didn’t end there. He surprised the palatero with a $1,500 tip from himself and his followers.

This act of generosity is not the first for Juixxe. In the past, he has surprised other San Diego residents with life-changing good deeds. One recipient was Teodoro Jimenez, a ‘taquero’ and father living in National City. Jimenez received thousands of dollars in donations from Juixxe’s followers, which helped him fulfill his lifelong dream of opening his own food truck.

Juixxe gained fame on TikTok as a celebrity known for tipping street vendors with generous donations from the community. In an interview, Juixxe expressed the importance of supporting local Latino business owners, as he himself understands the challenges faced minorities.

Juixxe’s acts of kindness continue to inspire and spread joy to those he encounters. His TikTok videos serve as a reminder of the power of compassion and the impact it can have on individuals and communities.

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