TikTok Introduces AI Labeling Tool for Content

TikTok Introduces AI Labeling Tool for Content

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TikTok has announced the rollout of a new tool that will allow creators to label AI-generated content uploaded to the social media platform. The move comes in response to requests from policymakers and civil society groups to prevent AI-generated content from misleading audiences. The tool will enable users to clearly identify content that has been edited or created using AI technology. TikTok has also stated that it will rename the filters it offers users to indicate which ones use AI. The social media site has faced controversy in the past over filters that promote unrealistic beauty standards without disclosing their AI technology. This announcement follows TikTok’s release of community standards, which require users to label content created or edited with AI and restrict certain types of AI-generated content.

The idea of labeling AI content is gaining traction in both business and political spheres. The European Union’s AI Act, currently in the legislative process, proposes making it a legal requirement to label AI-generated content. Alphabet Inc.’s Google has also announced that political advertisers will be required to label any AI-generated content used in their ads. Detecting AI-generated content has become a concern in the music industry as well, with companies like Deezer developing tools to identify AI-generated music tracks and tagging them accordingly. Believe CEO Denis Ladegaillerie has stated that the tools to detect AI-generated music already exist.


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