TikTok Launches New Label to Tag AI-Generated Content

TikTok Launches New Label to Tag AI-Generated Content

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TikTok has introduced a new label to help creators identify their content that has been fully or heavily edited artificial intelligence (AI). This label is intended to ensure compliance with the platform’s rules on synthetic media. Additionally, TikTok is planning to test an automatic “AI-generated” label that will be applied to any content detected to have AI involvement.

It is important for creators to stay updated on TikTok’s guidelines in order to avoid potential penalties. The clear labeling of AI-generated content plays a crucial role in combating misinformation and deception, enhancing trust, and simplifying the relationship-building process between creators and their audience.

Earlier this year, TikTok made it mandatory for creators to tag AI-generated content under its Community Guidelines’ synthetic media policy. The labels are specifically designed for content that features lifelike images, audio, or video. Their purpose is to help viewers better understand the content and prevent the spread of misleading information.

To assist TikTok creators in understanding the significance and usage of the AI labels, the platform plans to release educational videos and resources in the coming weeks. TikTok hopes that with time, these labels will become as commonly used as verified account badges and branded content labels, serving as another valuable tool for creators and viewers to navigate and comprehend content.

In addition to the introduction of the new label, TikTok is renaming all of its AI effects to further clarify its AI-driven features. These effects will now include “AI” in their name and label, and Effect House creators have been instructed to adhere to these guidelines as well.

TikTok’s spokesperson emphasized that the goal of these efforts is to provide clear, intuitive, and nuanced information to the community about AI-generated content. As AI technology continues to evolve, TikTok intends to adapt its approach accordingly. The platform will evaluate the impact of these updates and collaborate with its community to ensure the safe navigation of AI-generated content.

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