TikTok Employees Required to Work from Office at Least Three Days a Week

TikTok Employees Required to Work from Office at Least Three Days a Week

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TikTok employees will soon be heading back to the office as the company implements new rules requiring them to work in-office at least three days a week. Some teams will be required to be in the office every day. To monitor compliance with these rules, TikTok plans to use the app MyRTO, which is built into its internal software. The app will track in-office attendance through badge swipes, and employees will need to explain any deviations from their required schedule.

A dashboard with attendance information will be available to employees, as well as their direct supervisors and human resources. In a unique twist, checking in on the app at TikTok’s New York office is tied to employees’ ability to access a lunch stipend provided the company.

While several companies have implemented hybrid working models that require employees to be in the office for a certain number of days, TikTok’s use of tracking software and disciplinary action sets it apart. Other tech companies, such as Amazon, have also mandated in-office work for their employees. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy explained that being in the office together strengthens the company culture.

It remains to be seen how employees will adapt to the new requirements and tracking system. As the debate over remote work and in-office policies continues, companies are navigating how to balance productivity, employee satisfaction, and health and safety concerns.

– The New York Times