TikTok Introduces Tool to Label AI-Generated Content

TikTok Introduces Tool to Label AI-Generated Content

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TikTok announced its plans on Tuesday to launch a new tool designed to help creators label AI-generated content they produce in an effort to combat misinformation. The tool aims to assist creators in complying with TikTok’s existing AI policy, which mandates that manipulated content depicting realistic scenes must be clearly labeled as fake or altered.

The popular social media platform explicitly prohibits the use of deepfakes, which refers to videos and images that have been digitally created or altered using artificial intelligence. Deepfakes are known to mislead users about real-world events. TikTok’s policy specifically disallows deepfakes featuring private individuals and minors. However, the platform allows the use of altered images of public figures for certain contexts, including artistic and educational purposes.

In addition to the new tool, TikTok plans to test an “AI-generated” label within the coming week. This label will be applied to any content that the platform identifies as being edited or created using AI. Furthermore, TikTok intends to rename effects on the app that utilize AI to explicitly include “AI” in their names and labels.

These measures from TikTok come at a time when concerns about the impact of the AI arms race on misinformation are escalating. The European Union has been urging online platforms to intensify their efforts in combatting false information implementing labels on text, photos, and other content generated artificial intelligence.

With the introduction of this new tool, TikTok is aiming to provide creators with an easily accessible way to uphold transparency and accountability when it comes to AI-generated content.

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