Criticism for Model’s Video on the London Underground

Criticism for Model’s Video on the London Underground

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An Instagram model, Antonia Freya Lydia, has faced criticism after posting a video on TikTok from a busy London Underground station. In the video, she can be seen getting visibly annoyed as people continuously cut in front of her while she tries to take an aesthetic video. The video showed Antonia wearing a formal black dress, standing in front of a moving train while people pass in front of the camera.

The video received mixed opinions from social media users. Some criticized Antonia for expecting others to wait, arguing that train stations are public spaces and people have places to be. They commented that she shouldn’t expect special treatment just because she is filming. Others defended her, stating that she was likely not being serious and was just showing how difficult it was to get the perfect shot.

People’s behavior on public transportation has been a subject of controversy before. In a separate incident, a man created a portable chair to sit on while on the underground, attracting strange looks from fellow commuters. Another individual sparked disbelief eating a three-course meal on a train and refusing to stop despite being asked not to, treating the train like his own “private restaurant.”

It is important for individuals to consider the public nature of spaces like train stations and be mindful of others’ needs. While it’s understandable that people may want to document their experiences, it is also essential to respect the flow and pace of public spaces.

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