TikTok Live Streamers Broadcast Their Lives 24/7, Including Bathroom Usage

TikTok Live Streamers Broadcast Their Lives 24/7, Including Bathroom Usage

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Creators @JettyJamez and @Autumnraynn, known as @ohjamez, have taken the TikTok Live trend to a new level live streaming their lives continuously for the past 16 days. In a twist that adds to the creepiness factor, they have set up a DIY Big Brother-style surveillance system with 10 cameras placed throughout their home, even including one above their toilet. The livestream shows all 10 angles simultaneously, allowing viewers to watch the couple’s every move, whether it’s scrolling on their phones, eating, or sleeping.

While this may sound bizarre, it is not entirely uncommon for TikTok Live streamers to monetize their content in this way. “Sleepfluencers,” as they are known, have already established themselves as a subculture within TikTok Live. Jakey Boehm, one such sleepfluencer, revealed that he made $34,000 from TikTok Live in just one month. However, this level of exposure comes at the cost of privacy, as streamers like @JettyJamez and @Autumnraynn have to sacrifice their personal lives to turn every aspect into a commodity.

The couple incentivizes viewers to send virtual gifts, which can be converted into cash through the TikTok currency, diamonds. For example, they might promise to get out of bed if they receive a certain number of “Heart Me’s” gifts. Despite the mundane nature of their content, the stream consistently attracts around 10,000 viewers at any given time, which is quite remarkable in an age of short attention spans.

This phenomenon on TikTok Live raises questions about why thousands of people choose to tune in. Is it mere curiosity or something deeper? Many viewers find the couple’s 24/7 live streaming unsettling, with one user describing it as “kinda weird.” Nevertheless, this trend highlights the potential future of opt-in surveillance, where individuals willingly subject themselves to constant observation, demonstrating that the dystopian world of ubiquitous surveillance is already upon us.

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