TikTok Implements New Employee Badge Monitoring App to Encourage In-Office Work

TikTok Implements New Employee Badge Monitoring App to Encourage In-Office Work

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TikTok is reportedly introducing a new employee badge monitoring app called MyRTO to incentivize workers to spend more days working in the office. This move aligns with other major tech companies like Meta and Google who are also cracking down on flexible work schedules that were introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MyRTO app monitors employee badge swipes into the office and may require employees to explain absences on days when they are expected to be present. TikTok employees were informed that consistent disregard for in-office work may lead to disciplinary action and could impact their performance reviews, hindering their chances of promotion.

MyRTO is integrated into TikTok’s internal software, and attendance and absence data collected the app is made available to both employees and human resources staff. Many TikTok employees are now required to be in the office at least three days per week, with a smaller percentage expected to be present for five days. Non-compliance with this policy could result in termination, as TikTok has even threatened to fire employees whose home addresses do not match their assigned office addresses.

TikTok claims that MyRTO is designed to improve transparency and clarity regarding return-to-work requirements. The tool allows employees to view their personal data, provide valid reasons for being out of the office, and correct any inaccuracies. TikTok states that the ultimate goal of MyRTO is to foster transparent communication between employees and leaders about office schedules and expectations.

This trend of implementing surveillance tools in the workplace has been driven managers’ concerns about productivity declines during the transition to remote work. Companies are using software to track badge swipes and tie them to productivity quotas, while others are utilizing on-device monitoring tools to track employees’ log-in times and idle periods. The demand for employee monitoring tools has increased significantly, with a 75% rise in search results for such tools in March 2020 compared to the previous year.

TikTok is not the only company pushing for a return to the office. Meta recently informed its staff that repeated failure to comply with the requirement of spending three days per week in the office could result in termination. Apple is also monitoring attendance and threatening to terminate workers who do not adhere to the three-day in-person requirement. Google, previously supportive of remote and hybrid work, has now limited new request approvals for remote work and is also tracking attendance for those not designated as remote workers.

Overall, these companies are emphasizing in-office work and implementing surveillance tools to ensure compliance with their return-to-work policies. The shift reflects a larger trend in the tech industry as companies strive for increased productivity and face-to-face collaboration among their employees.

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