TikTok Employees Express Frustration Over MyRTO App Tracking Badge Swipes

TikTok Employees Express Frustration Over MyRTO App Tracking Badge Swipes

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TikTok employees in the US are unhappy with the introduction of the MyRTO app (My Return to Office), which monitors office attendance and badge swipes. The app requires employees to explain any absences on days they are supposed to be in the office, and their supervisors and human resources staff will analyze the data. To monitor attendance, TikTok expects employees to be in the office three times a week, with some teams working five days a week.

However, this new attendance policy has caused frustration and fear among some TikTok workers. They believe the app and threats of disciplinary action are unnecessary and have created a negative work environment.

TikTok’s spokesperson, Jodi Seth, has stated that the purpose of the MyRTO app is to improve communication and provide clarity between employees and leaders regarding in-office attendance.

This move TikTok is similar to other companies that have implemented return-to-work policies, such as Zoom. Zoom recently ended its work-from-home policy and requested employees living within 50 miles of any Zoom office to report to work at least two days a week based on a hybrid model.

Source: IANS

– MyRTO: My Return to Office, an app introduced TikTok to monitor office attendance.
– Badge swipes: The act of employees swiping their identification badges when entering or exiting office premises.
– Hybrid model: A work model that combines remote work and in-office work.