TikTok Launches AI Labeling Tool to Increase Transparency in Content Creation

TikTok Launches AI Labeling Tool to Increase Transparency in Content Creation

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TikTok has introduced a new tool that allows creators to label their AI-generated content, aiming to increase transparency in content creation. This move comes as more creators are incorporating AI into their artistic expression. The tool will make it easier for creators to comply with TikTok’s existing policy on synthetic media, which requires the labeling of AI content that contains realistic images, audio, or video. By labeling AI-generated content, TikTok aims to prevent confusion and potential deception among viewers.

The tool will be available to creators when uploading videos, and a message will be displayed below the username to indicate that the video has been labeled as AI-generated. TikTok does not expect creators to go back and re-label their previous videos. While the new tool will assist creators in complying with the synthetic media policy, TikTok will not penalize them for not labeling AI content that falls outside this policy.

Furthermore, TikTok is working on the development of an automatic detection system to label AI content. Although specific details were not disclosed to prevent exploitation bad actors, TikTok will be testing various detection models for AI and exploring partnerships to embed AI labels into content, thereby enhancing detection capabilities.

TikTok’s initiative to label AI content aligns with the trend among major platforms, such as OpenAI, Google, and Instagram, to provide visibility and transparency regarding AI-generated or AI-edited content. The European Union has also advocated for platforms to implement AI labeling as a means of countering disinformation.

In addition to the labeling tool, TikTok has committed to renaming all its effects that utilize AI explicitly incorporating “AI” into their names. This renaming strategy will enable users to easily identify which filters are AI-powered.

TikTok consulted with its Safety Advisory Councils and industry experts, including MIT’s Dr. David G. Rand, during the development of its AI labeling system. To promote understanding among users, TikTok will release educational videos and media literacy resources in the coming weeks.

The introduction of AI labeling is part of TikTok’s broader efforts to promote responsible innovation and transparency in AI media. The company previously committed to the Partnership on AI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media and collaborated with the nonprofit organization Digital Moment to gather insights from young people on the advancements of AI online.

The rollout of AI labels will commence immediately, although it may take some time for them to become visible across all TikTok content.

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