Prime Minister Narendra Modi Joins WhatsApp Channels for Updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Joins WhatsApp Channels for Updates

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined the WhatsApp Channels feature, allowing users to get all the latest updates directly from the PM himself. WhatsApp recently introduced the Channels feature, and PM Modi wasted no time in joining.

WhatsApp Channels is a one-way broadcast tool that delivers updates privately. The goal is to create the most private broadcast service available. With Channels, users can follow people and organizations that matter to them, and these updates will be available in the new ‘Updates’ tab.

Users can find channels to follow based on their country, and there are options to view new, most active, and popular channels. Users can also react to updates using emojis, providing feedback without it being shown to other followers. Admins will soon have the ability to edit their updates for up to 30 days before they are automatically deleted from the servers.

When forwarding an update to chats or groups, a link back to the channel will be included, so people can find out more. This allows for easy sharing of updates with others.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his excitement about joining the WhatsApp community and emphasized the importance of continued interactions. He shared a picture from the new Parliament building in his first post on WhatsApp Channels.

This move the Prime Minister to join WhatsApp Channels demonstrates the growing importance of social media platforms for communication and engagement with the public. It provides an efficient way for individuals and organizations to share updates and stay connected with their followers.

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